China opens up market to 4,000 African products

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Kenya’s major imports from China include textile, electronics and footwear. Exports include cut flowers, tin ores and concentrates.

Trade imbalance has been blamed on the distance between China and Africa that makes exports uncompetitive due to transportation costs and African nations (and companies) making products that are identical to those manufactured by Chinese firms.

Yajing said her Government would also champion achievement of MDGs by increasing concession credit and commercial loans to Africa to improve infrastructure and other development projects.
China has also pledged to enhance trade ties with the continent through the Sino-Africa Fund by offering loans to small and medium enterprises.

Trade imbalance

"We will extend grants and aid without political conditions to improve infrastructure, education and health to help African countries improve conditions for independent development," Yajing said.

During the Fourth Chinese Ministerial Conference held in November last year, it was solved that China would boost Africa’s development agenda by increasing aid in agriculture, environmental protection improvement of infrastructure, support development of markets and trade, spur up medical and education sectors.

"China has supported more than 900 rail and roads projects and helped train more than 30,000 rail personnel," said Yajing.

Also on the cards to help African nations achieve MDGs goals is availing incentives to Chinese firms to import products from Africa.

Published on 10/05/2010

By William Gitonga in Shanghai (The Standard)